Banana (Musa) | Top Details, Best Uses, Amazing Facts

Common Names : Banana , Kela

Regional Name
Hindi : Kela
Marathi : Keli
Bengali : Keli
Kannada : Bale-Hannu
Malayalam : Vazha
Tamil : Vazhai
Telugu : Arati


Scientific Name : Musa 

Lifespan : 6 Years

Height : 4 to 6 meters 

Width : 4 to 6 meters

Water Need : Normal , Can Tolerate More 

Light : Sun Growing , Semi Shade 


Mainly Grown For : Fruit & Seed 

Flowering Season : Year Around Flowering 

Flower Colour : Red , Yellow 

Leaf Color : Green 

Form : Upright or Erect 


Highlights :

Auspicious or Feng Shui plant

Good for Cut foliage

Plant for puja or prayer flower or leaves

Good for screening

Quick growing trees

Salt or salinity tolerant

Good on seaside

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 This is a sign of the tropics. The second plant after the coconut – which is used to get lush tropical islands and island life to your mind.

 There are many dwarf varieties of the Banana. These have originated from China and then bred and developed all over the world.

 It is one of the main fruit crops of the world. It is a world favourite. The largest importer of bananas in the world is the USA and Germany!

 The stem of the banana is actually made of leaves.

 Dwarf banana plants give bunches of large tasty fruit.

Each plant flowers and fruits only once. New suckers arise from the ground – and they will grow and fruit.

 This bunch can be hung in a dark room – where feach set of fingers will mature – over several weeks.

If you want the entire bunch to mature quickly – dip it in the ripening hormone ethrel (use 1 ml per liter water). Dip the fingers in this solution. All of them will mature within a week.

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