Bitter Gourd (Momordica charantia) | Top Details, Best Uses, Amazing Facts

Common Names : BItter Gourd , Karela

Regional Name
Hindi : Karela
Marathi : Karley
Bengali : Karela
Kannada : Hagal
Malayalam : Kaippa

Scientific Name : Momordica charantia

Age : 2 to 3 years

Height : 2 to 4 meters   

Water Need : Normal

Light : Sun Growing , Semi Shade

Mainly Grown For : Fruits And Seeds

Flowering Season : Year Around Flowering 

Flower Colour : Yellow

Leaf Color : Green

Form : Climbing


Highlights :

Origin – India

The bitter gourd is grown extensively throughout India.

 The fruits are cooked in many ways and are quite commonly used fried, boiled, stuffed and cooked and also in curries.

 The bitter taste is liked by some and is supposed to contain medicinal properties.

The small varieties are rich in iron and vitamins.

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Climate- Along period of warm, dry weather with 30 – 32 c temperature is optimum.

Soil – A well drained soil with a ph of 6.7 – 7.0 is ideal for its cultivation.

Planting distance – For direct sowing to pits of 45 cm x 45 cm size is dug. Keep a spacing of 1.5 – 2.0 m from row to row and 1.0 m from hill to hill.

Watering – Water the crop immediately after sowing or planting. On third day and once a week depending upon the soil moisture.

Manure and fertilizer – Apply farmyard manure 2 – 2.5 kg per meter square. (2 to 3 kgs per square meter in gardens) A dose of 2 gm nitrogen, 3 gm phosphorus and 3 gm potassium per meter square. should be applied by mixing with top soil in pits. During flowering a topdressing of 2 gm of nitrogen per meter square. should be applied and irrigated.

Harvesting – The fruits are ready for harvesting 60 – 70 day after sowing.

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