Bottle Gourd (Lagenaria siceraria) | Top Details, Best Uses, Amazing Facts

Common Names : Bottle Gourd , Lauki

Regional Name
Hindi : Lauki
Bengali : Lau
Tamil : Shorakkai


Scientific Name : Lagenaria siceraria

Height : 4 To 6 meters

Water Need : Normal

Light : Sun Growing

Mainly Grown For : Fruits And Seeds 

Flowering Season : Year Around Flowering

Flower Colour : Off White , Light Yellow

Leaf Color : Green

Form : Climbing


Highlights :

 Bottle gourd is grown for immature fruits used for culinary purposes.

 It is also used for preparation of different types of sweets.

 Hard shells are used as utensil, floats for fishing nets and in preparation of some musical instruments.

 Fruit pulp is very good source of fibre free carbohydrates and fruit pericarp for crude fibre.

 The oil extracted from kernels of seed, a fine cooking medium, is also used as hair oil.

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Climate – Night and day temperature of 18- 22 c and 30 – 35 c respectively is optimum for its proper growth and high fruit set. The seed germination is quick at the temperature range of 25 – 30 c.

Soil – Bottle gourd can be grown on all types of soils. The soil should be rich in organic matter and with good drainage. Two year crop rotation is advised to safeguard the crop from soil born diseases.

Planting distance – The row to row distance may be kept at 2.0 – 2.5 m and seed to seed 1.0 – 1.5m

Training and support. Plants can be trained on to supports. They can also be trained on a raised mandap or platform.

Manuring and fertilization – Farmyard manure 3 kg per meter square. at the time of field preparation. (around 1 to 2 kgs per plant) Optimum fertilizer combination is needed for proper growth of plant and good fruiting.

Inter culture – Tall grass growing above the foliage should be pulled up.

Irrigation – April to June the crop should be irrigated at 4 – 5 days intervals.

Harvesting – Bottle gourd may be harvested 55 – 75 days after sowing. The bottle gourd are edible and not too mature if the fruit skin color facing to sunlight is as green as one week old fruits.

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