Chilli (Capsicum Annum) |Top Details, Best Uses, Amazing Facts

Common Names : Chilli

Regional Name

Hindi : Mirch
Marathi : Mirchi
Bengali : Lanka 
Kannada : Mensina 
Malayalam : Mulaku 
Tamil : Milagay
Telugu : Mirapa


Scientific Name : Capsicum Annum

Age : 2 To 3 Years

Height : 50cm To 100cm

Width : 50cm To 100cm

Water Need : Normal 

Light : Sun Growing & Semi Shade 


Mainly Grown For : Fruits & Seeds

Flowering Season : Year Around Flowering 

Flower Colour : White 

Leaf Color : Green 

Form : Upright Or Erect 


Highlights :

  • Salt or salinity tolerant

  • Must have for Farm house or big gardens


Climate – Chilli prefers warm humid climate during early stage and dry weather to wards the maturity of pods it is grown in both tropical and subtropical areas up to 2000 meter above mean sea level. During the growing priods maximum temperature ranging from 20 – 30 c and minimum temperature not below 10 c is ideal.

Soil – Chilli is grows many type of soil sandy to heavy clay. Good drainage of the soil is a must. Good fertilizer chilli crops prefers a soil pH ranging from 6 – 7.

Planting distance – A spacing 75 cm x 75 cm or 90 cm x 90 cm in generally practiced. For large sized beds seedlings should be planted on the the ridge of 30 cm high. Especially in monsoon when there are chances of water stagnation.

Fertilizer – Heavy application of organic manures is followed in irrigated areas. 12 gm nitrogen, 6 gm phophorus, 5 gm potassium per meter square. Use of biofertilizer is recommended in chilli.

Watering – During first month of transplanting a light irrigation is required. In summer irrigation on alternate days in essential.

Harvesting – Flowering begins 1 – 2 months after transplanting taking another month for green fruit that can be harvested when they are 4 to 6 weeks old.

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