Fenugreek(Trigonella foenum-graecum) | Top Details, Best Uses, Amazing Facts

common name : chinagreye,fenugreek,koraha

Regional name

Hindi : methi, saag methi, kasuri methi

French : tenugrece ,trigonelle

German : backshornklec

Japanese : koruha ,fenu_guriku

Kingdom : plantae

Division : mangnoliophyta

Class: magnoliopsida

Order : fabales

Family : fabaceae

Genus : trigonella

Species : foenum_graeum

Binomial name : trigonella foenum_graecum

Other common name : chinagreye,fenugreek,koraha

Height : 40_80

Water need : 3_4 week

Mainly grow for :  rajasthan, tamil nadu,punjab, uttarakhand

Flowering season : winter season

Leaf colour :
light green colour

seeds size  :  6-8 mm long

seed colour and shape  :  oblong or square, green-olive or brownish

Highlights :

The fruits occur as straight or sickle-like pods of 2-10 cm, long, thin and pointed, and contain 10-20 seeds.


What are the benefits of fenugreek?


A: Fenugreek has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. Some claim it may help lower cholesterol, boost your digestive system, induce childbirth, help dress wounds, and ease eczema symptoms. Fenugreek capsules and teas are used throughout the world by nursing women. But the NCCIH points out more studies are needed before these possible benefits are confirmed. (1,3)


A number of studies have suggested that fenugreek may help lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. But the NCCIH says this, too, warrants more research before we know for sure whether it’s proven. Is fenugreek good for weight loss?


A: It might help you feel full and, as a result, eat less, at the very least. But again, more research is needed on this front.  For now, use fenugreek to help enhance the flavour of your dishes and expect nothing more.

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