Piranha (Pygocentrus nattereri) | Characteristics, Habitats & Amazing Facts

Name - Piranha

Scientific Name : Pygocentrus nattereri 

Type : Characidae

Lifespan : 10 years 

Diet : Omnivore


Physical Characteristics:

Length : 6 to 8 inches

Weight : 3 To 7 Ponds

Top Speed : 25 mph

Colour : Multi – Colored

Skin Type : Scales 

Lifespan : 10 Years

Current Population : XXXXX

Current Population Trend : XXXXX

Native : South America 



Main Pray : Insects , Fish , Worms 

Habitat : Rivers , Floodplains , Lake

Predators : Dolphins , Crocodiles , Humans 

Average Clutch Size : 5000

Favorite Food : Fish

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Amazing Facts

  • This fish’s aggressive reputation is highly exaggerated, in part due to Theodore Roosevelt’s book “Through the Brazilian Wilderness.”
  • These fish may get more aggressive when they are starving. If stuck in a stagnant pool for a long time, they will likely attack anything that enters the water.
  • The black piranha has the most powerful bite force of any bony fish.
  • The fish’s top and bottom teeth function like scissors to quickly tear and cut food.
  • Piranhas lose and regrow teeth endlessly like sharks.

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