Rose (Rosa) |Top Details, Best Uses, Amazing Facts

Common Names : Rose , Rosales , Rosaceae

Regional Name

Hindi : gulaab
Marathi : gulaab
Malayalam : paninīrppūv

Tamil : Uyarntatu

Telugu : Rōj

Scientific Name : Rosa

Age : 6 – 10 Years

Height : 30 – 120 cm 

Width : 17.5 cm

Water Need : 5 – 10 gallon a week

Light : high, bright shade

Mainly Grown For : Flowers 

Flowering Season : March , April , May , June

Flower Colour : red and violets are blue, pink or orange or even black

Leaf Color : Green

Form : erect, climbing, or trailing shrubs

Highlights :

  • The leaves are alternate and pinnately compound (i.e., feather-shaped), with oval, sharply toothed leaflets.
  • Wild rose flowers usually have five petals, while cultivated rose flowers are frequently double (i.e., with multiple sets of petals).
  • Roses may be infected with a variety of diseases, the majority of which are caused by fungi. Powdery mildew occurs on the surface of young leaves and stems as a greyish white moldlike development.
  • Roses are also vulnerable to rust.
  • Aphids, a common insect pest on leaves and young roots, are a common insect pest.
  • The fragrance of many roses is heavy and friendly. On the stems of most roses are prickles (incorrectly called thorns).
  • Roses are commonly used as tokens of love, compassion, and sorrow all over the world.
  • Rose petals are often dried and packaged so that they can be used for decoration or perfume.
  • Roses can be found in abundance in gardens. They are also used in vineyards as well. A rose bush is planted at the end of each row of vines in a wide vineyard. The vine growers can see that their plants are healthy as long as the roses are healthy.


  • The red rose is a symbol of passion. Red roses are also used to express strong emotions such as passion, longing, or desire. Red roses may also be used to express admiration, loyalty, or reverence. To express remorse and sorrow, a deep red rose may be used. The number of red roses given also has significance.
  • The pink rose comes in a variety of colours and shapes. Pink roses are typically used to convey gentle feelings including appreciation, pleasure, gratitude, and deep or unending love.
  • The colour white is synonymous with simplicity, innocence, and sacred love. It is a symbol of everlasting love that lasts after death. White roses are traditionally kept by brides as they walk down the aisle at their weddings to symbolise a fresh start.
  • Yellow roses are sometimes used as a symbol of joy. Yellow roses evoke feelings of happiness, comfort, and welcome. They are tokens of caring and fellowship.
  • Most people associate orange roses with a blazing fire. These fiery blooms reflect passion and vigour. Orange roses are a sign of desire and pride.
  • Green roses (sometimes white roses with green tints) may represent best wishes, luck, and blessings for a happy life or a speedy recovery from illness.
  • Blue roses are hard to come by in nature, because they reflect the elusive or enigmatic. As a consequence, blue roses reflect a desire for goals that are out of control.
  • The colour black is associated with death and farewell. The death of a feeling or thought is symbolised by black roses. Sending black roses to anyone signifies the end of a friendship, and they are often used in funerals.
  • A violet or purple rose may convey both security and majesty, royalty, and splendour. These roses are used to convey affection.
  • Lavender roses exude magic, much like their hue. It also conveys the concept of “love at first sight.”

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