Tomato (Lycopersison esculantum)| Top Details, Best Uses, Amazing Facts

Common Names : Tomato , Tamatar

Regional Name
Hindi : Tamatar
Marathi : Tambate
Bengali : Belati
Tamil : Takkali


Scientific Name : Lycopersison esculantum

Age : 6 Months

Height : 1 To 2 meters

Width : 50 cms to 100 cms 

Water Need : Normal

Light : Sun Growing 

Tomato | Nature Info

Mainly Grown For : Fruits And Seeds 

Flowering Season : Year Around Flowering , Flowers Are Inconspicuous 

Flower Colour : Yellow 

Leaf Color : Green

Form : Upright Or Erect 


Highlights :

 Origin – Peruvian and Maxican mountain regions.

The tomato is one of the most important protective foods both because of its special nutritive value and also because of its widespread production.

 Tomatoes are used for soup, salad, pickles, ketchup, puree, sauces and in many other ways.

 There are thousands of varieties and types.

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Tomato | Nature Info


Climate – a warm season vegetable that is grown extensively in cool season also. The optimum temperatures required for its cultivation is 15 – 27 c.

Soil – tomato is grown in sandy loam, rich in organic matter is ideal for its cultivation. The ph of soil should be 7 to 8.5. Tomato can tolerate moderate acidic and saline soils.

Planting distance – Seedling are ready for transplanting 4 – 5 weeks after sowing. The crop are taken which are sown during June – July, October – November and January – February. The recommended spacing is 60 cm x 45 cm or 90 cm x 30 cm. Flate bed and raised bed mathode are used.

Training and pruning – the fruit are trained under leaves to protect them from sun scald. Training pruning or pinching are required to produce quality fruit. Bamboo sticks and wire or rope.

Manuring and fertilizer – the NPK 12:6:5 gm per meter square. should be used a high level of N at seedling stage moderate level at flowering and fruiting stage is required.

Watering – frequent irrigation is essential for optimum plant growth, fruiting and yield. The crop should be irrigated at 8 – 12 days interval.

Harvesting – tomatoes are harvested at several stage mature green, turning pink, red and over ripe generally, tomatoes are harvested at mature green to turning stage for distances marketing.

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