Cockroach (Blattaria) | Characteristics, Habitats & Amazing Facts

Name - Cockroach


Scientific Name : Blattaria

Type : Insect

Diet : Omnivore


Physical Characteristics:

 Colour : Brown , Black

Skin Type : Shell

Lifespan : 160 – 180 Days

Current Population :

Location : Worldwide



Main Pray : Decaying Organic Matter

Habitat : Everywhere

Average Litter Size : 40

Favorite Food : Decaying Organic Matter

Number Of Species : 4000

Amazing Facts

Roaches are not something you would want roaming around in your house. Hence, disgusting, creepy, dirty; usually the words you use to describe these cockroaches. And yes, there may be some of the perfect names to be true. But, what else do you know about these nasty creatures? We know you hate them, but they are somewhat unique and amazing in their own way. How unique? How amazing, you ask? Well, read through to know that and come across some of the most interesting facts about Cockroaches, a.k.a. creepy monsters!

Older than the dinosaurs!

They exist since the time of dinosaurs or maybe they are even older than the dinosaurs. They are present all over the world and there are thousands of species of cockroaches. All the cockroach species can evolve in different atmospheres.

They can eat anything!

Roaches can eat any organic matter. They eat human food, dead insects, cloth, paper, hair, glue, and wood. Yes, almost anything and everything! Isn’t that a fact that cockroaches will never run out of food? They do love meat and sweets. And you will be amazed to know that cockroaches can live for weeks without food!

Survive for a week without the head!

This is one of the least known interesting facts about cockroaches. Now, this sounds creepy, but this is a fact that cockroaches can survive for a week without their head. Well, this doesn’t mean they do not have brains but the fact is that their brain doesn’t control all body functions. Without the head, the cockroach is unable to drink; hence, it dies of thirst!

They indeed are great runners!

Yes, cockroaches run very fast. Have you ever tried chasing a roach? If not, then try it out to find out their speed. They can move up the walls, pass through slippery surfaces etc. with great speed.

Female cockroaches need to mate only once!

Surprised? Well, cockroaches do not mate every breeding season as they can store the sperm and use it at times when food is plentiful. Some female cockroaches lay and store dozens of eggs at a time.

Cockroaches are kept as pets!

Where everybody hates roaches, some love to keep it as pets. Sounds weird, right?

Jumping cockroach!

Crawling cockroaches seem creepy? Wait a minute till you know that one of the newly discovered species of cockroach can jump too. It is called a leap-roach! Just like grasshoppers, this cockroach can also jump from grass to grass. Just hope it does not find its way to your home

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