Top 5 Poisonous Fish | Nature Info

1. Cubozoa

Also known as box jellyfish, they are recognizable by their cubic shaped umbrella. Practically transparent, they have something like a brain, allowing them to memorize and learn! They can weigh up to 2 kg and their fine tentacles can measure up to 3 meters. Unlike other jellyfish, they are among the most dangerous creatures in the world because of the formidable venom produced by certain species:

2. Fugu

The Fugu, also called globe fish, is a balloon fish with a big head and enormous eyeballs. It is a Tetraodontidae it has 4 teeth, Some species can measure up to 1 meter in length, but most are small in size. Its liver, ovaries and eyes contain a very toxic poison, tetrodotoxin, which causes death within 6 hours.

3. crab Xanthidae

Only a few species of this crustacean are edible. Indeed most of those crabs are toxic and in particular two species of xanthid crab, Lophozozymus pictor and Demania alkalai, which live in coral reefs and are recognizable by the black tips of their claws. Their toxin, the palytoxin, which paralyzes and leads to death, can not be destroyed by cooking, these crabs must therefore not be consumed at any price.

4. Blue Ringed Octopus

This octopus lives on the Australian coasts. It measures between 10 and 15 cm and weighs only about 50 grams. When the animal attacks, its tentacles, about 10 cm long, become phosphorescent. Blue rings only appear in case of stress to inform the enemy of the dangerousness of the animal.

5. Conus, Tropical regions

These gastropod molluscs, of various sizes, live in tropical oceans, some in the Mediterranean. During the day, they bury themselves in the sand, leaving only at night to feed themselves. To kill their victims, they project a dart coated with venom. Some large tropical species are excessively dangerous to humans

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