Teacup Alocasia (Alocasia Esculata Var) |Top Details, Best Uses, Amazing Facts

Common Names : Teacup Alocasia

Scientific Name : Alocasia Esculata Var

Height : 50cm to 100cm

Width : 50cm to 100cm

Water Need : Normal , Can Tolerate More

Light : Sun Growing , Shade Growing 

Mainly Grown For : Foliage

Flowering Season : Flowers Are Inconspicuous

Leaf Color : Green , Almost Black

Form : Upright Or Erect 


Highlights :

  • Animals will not eat

  • Grows best in humid and warm regions

teacup Alo


Plants do not need too much water over their roots. If planted with deep growing waterlilies etc make sure that the pots for this alocasia are raised and the plants do not submerge too much.
Plants spread quickly. They will more or less stay contained in the pots. So you can limit growth by limiting the size of the pot.
Repotting every 2nd or 3 rd year will keep plants looking healthy.

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